If you haven’t seen the PBS mini-series Cranford, you’ve missed out.  Set in the mid-19th century, this comedy of manners written by Elizabeth Gaskell ranks right up there with all of the Jane Austen novels that have suddenly become so popular.

The cast is marvelous, including one of my favorite British actresses, Judi Dench, whose character has the closing line: “Such a fine, close weave.”

While Matty Jenkyns is literally speaking about the material of Sophy Hutton’s wedding dress, we know that she is also talking about the friendships among the residents of the town.

That’s the appeal of Cranford – regardless of the foibles of its citizens, there is a certain bond among them, a special kinship.

And that’s the way our relationships should be in the body of Christ.  We should be so intertwined with each other that we create a beautiful “fine close weave.”

This is my hope for this blog, that those who may read it will discover the joy of friendship, the way God intends.