Yesterday I met a friend for lunch at the Olive Garden (one of my favorite restaurants!) to discuss a new ministry possibility.  Let me just say … we had a blast!

I have long believed that I need to get to know this woman better … and I was right!  We think alike about so many things, but the best thing is that she has more life experiences than I do, and has so much that she can teach me.

If things work out like we hope, we will be working together a lot this next church year, and I’m thrilled!  I believe that this has the possibility be a real Titus 2:3-5 experience.

Today is a very low-key Saturday, which is great when you are in the ministry.  Tomorrow will be a busy day, starting with band practice at 7:30 tomorrow morning at YCBC!  I am not a morning person AT ALL, so pray for me … and for the other band members!

Tomorrow night, Chris is leading the second lesson of a great study called Sunday School Done RightThe study was written by Allan Taylor, Minister of Education at First Baptist Church, Woodstock.

If anyone’s in Owensboro, we’d love to see you in church tomorrow!