On Saturday, we had the privilege of attending and participating in a beautiful wedding between two friends.  I was able to just relax and attend, while Chris had the pleasure of singing before the ceremony.

During the service, I was reminded of the grace and mercy that we who know Christ have been shown through His sacrifice on the cross.  Like all of us, this bride and groom each has a past.  But because they are believers and have received God’s forgiveness, on Saturday they were able to start over.  Wipe the slate clean.

As our pastor said, we witnessed the beginning of a new family.  After being pronounced husband and wife, this new family walked hand in hand down the aisle and out of the sanctuary.  Beautiful clothes, beautiful hair, beautiful smiles all around.

And that’s what happens to us when we repent and turn to God.  All that was in the past is forgiven and forgotten, and we have the opportunity for a new beginning.

I look forward to how God is going to use this new family to bless our church, and I am thankful for the reminder of God’s redemption of those whom He loves.