I love watching the Olympics!

The opening ceremonies are always inspiring, aren’t they?  Watching all of the nations come together, seeing the faces of the athletes as they walk into the stadium carrying their national flag, getting a glimpse of their pride at representing their countries in front of the world … wow!

For a couple of weeks, countries that war against one another with both words and weapons will engage in friendly competition.  Dreams will be won, and dreams will be lost, but everyone is a winner for making it all the way to Beijing.

Personally, I love all of the water sports.  I tried watching the sabre fighting this morning, but really couldn’t get into it.  Chris likes volleyball and soccer, but I think that’s because he’s actually good at those sports.  Perhaps I would enjoy them more if I didn’t have embarrassing memories of trying to play them…

In all of the excitement, we must remember to pray for those Christians who are participating in or attending the games, that they will have an opportunity to share Christ with all of the volunteers and service workers with whom they come into contact in the next couple of weeks.  These tourists have an amazing opportunity, a time unlike any other, to share the gospel with the Chinese.

So, will you watch the Olympics this year?  I hope you will!  What is your favorite sport?  Who is your favorite athlete?