Over on “The Homefront” – a blog for ministry wives sponsored by the Kentucky Baptist Convention – we have been having a lively discussion about Facebook, and whether or not it is a good tool to use for connecting with others.

Pam told us that she had recently joined Facebook, hoping that it will be another way that we can connect with one another.  We even now have a “Homefront” group that anyone can join!

The comments could not have been more diverse – ranging from “I love Facebook,” to my warnings about spending too much time on the computer, to “why should I use something like this anyway?”  Wow!  I thought for a minute that we were really going to get spirited in our discussion.

Yet, it’s interesting how this question continues to come up.  Pam (a different Pam) over at Livin’ Out Loud recently blogged about how she is thinking about giving up her Blackberry.

In this digital age, can be we be too connected?  Is it perhaps unhealthy for everyone in our life to be able to contact us whenever they want … and for them to expect an immediate answer?

What have we given up for all of this technology?  How about things such as getting to know our neighbors, spending time in nature, or reading a good book!  Even more importantly, have we lost the ability to sit still and listen to God?

I still hold to my position – all of these technologies have a place.  The world is not turning back to the day when they didn’t exist, so we better jump on board now and not get left behind.  However, we must remember that we were created to glorify God.  If we can do that on Facebook, great.  But we must remember that we cannot substitute real, personal interaction for IM’ing and texting.

What do you think?  Have we lost anything through our obsession with technology, or are we only moving forward?