Through my friends J and S, I have been learning about the Hands and Feet Children’s Village in Haiti.  The Hands and Feet Project is an orphanage started by the Christian band Audio Adrenaline in 2004.

The concept is interesting – rather than adopting children out to families in other countries, the mission of the orphanage is to take in children who have no home, raise them in a Christian environment, and then send them back into their own culture so that they can then impact Haiti for Christ.

This past week, Haiti was hit by Hurricane Gustav as the storm plowed its way across the ocean.  Because Haiti has no real attraction to the people of the United States, very little has been said on our news about the destruction that occurred there.

Here are some pictures that illustrate just what happened at the orphanage as the storm came through…

In case you’re not sure, the second picture shows the top of a truck that has been covered by the rock.

I encourage you to visit the Web site and learn how you might be able to get involved in the recovery efforts.