With the school year back in swing, we are now back to a full Wednesday night schedule at Yellow Creek Baptist Church, and I am back to leading one of our children’s choirs.

This year, I have thirteen 5-year-olds and kindergartners.  We are called Kingdom Kidz.  Snazzy name, huh?

I am also using new-to-me material – Preschool Praise’ntations by Darlene Abbott and Kathie Hill.  For those who are familiar with this series, we are starting with the blue book.

Last night was our first official choir rehearsal, since our kickoff party was the week prior.  Thirteen eager little boys and girls made their way into the classroom at 5:30, and we spent an hour singing, learning about notes and rests (or ta’s and shh’s), and talking about the Christmas musical that we will do with the other choirs.

This year, I am directing the musical – and the only way that I would agree to do that was with the condition that we do something that I have done before!  So, we will be performing O Christmas Tree by Pam Andrews, which we did in 2001 at New Salem Baptist Church in Cox’s Creek, KY.

I still have the video from way-back-when, and it’s hard to believe how quickly those kids have grown up!

Anyway, it’s all very exciting to learn new things – especially when you are five.

We had about ten minutes left at the end of class, and I always have a few songs in my hat that we can pull out to fill whatever time we have.  I was saddened to discover that none of the children knew the old preschool favorite “This Little Light of Mine.”  It would appear that we have focused so much on teaching the music in the curriculum (which is good stuff) that we have neglected to teach our preschoolers some of those basic songs.

So, along with the other things that we will learn this fall, Kingdom Kidz are also going to begin to learn some of those great “standards” of preschool music – “This Little Light of Mine,” “Deep and Wide,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and as many others as we can cram in the time that we have.

Today I was reminded of the old hymn “Bringing in the Sheaves,” which Laverne Johnson taught to my preschool class at Orlinda Baptist Church many years ago.

What songs are particularly meaningful to you from your preschool days?  I’d love to hear about them!