Since April, Chris and I have been working with the young adult ministry at Yellow Creek Baptist Church.  We are thrilled that we now have 18 or so men and women in their 20s and early 30s coming to Sunday School each week!  For just six months or so of focused ministry, we think that we have made great strides in reaching this generation that so often does not feel at home in the church.

The reasons that people this age aren’t plugged into the local church are many and varied.  Some are apathetic, some feel alienated, and some just don’t understand why they should be there.  Our culture is changing, and while our message never changes, sometimes our methods must change in order to reach others.

Our class probably looks different than other Sunday School classes at YCBC.  We do different types of activities, we communicate in different ways, and even our books look different.  We use e-mail and text messaging rather than calling members, and Chris often uses various types of media in the lesson.

But the message remains the same.  We are learning more about what it means to be a Christian living in the 21st century.  We are learning how to live holy lives that please God.  We are learning how to evangelize a lost world.

But we may do all of those things a little differently than previous generations have.

Tomorrow, Chris and I are headed to FBC Orlando for LifeWay’s Threads Connect Conference.  We look forward to asking questions and learning from others who are doing some of the same type of ministry.

So, y’all better look out when we get home!  We plan on coming home with lots of great ideas!