Monday was the day.  The day we began First Place at Yellow Creek Baptist Church.

We had 30 or so people attend the first session.  Most of the class has done this before.  I felt a little sorry for the new folks – they left looking a little shell-shocked.  Hopefully they will all stick with the program.  It gets easier after the first week or so, and you learn how to tally your food exchanges.

Today, as the “newness” has worn off, I have been thinking about the issue of self-discipline, and why we so often struggle in this area.  I think our Burger King (Have It Your Way) culture has something to do with it.  I also think that our sinful, fallen natures lead us to want what we want, when we want it.

No one participating in First Place is going to be deprived of anything they need to live a full life.  We may struggle to find the time and motivation for daily exercise, or we may think that the last eight ounces of water for the day will send us floating downstream, or we may really, really want cheese fries … or is that just me?

Intellectually, we know that the results after 12 weeks will be for our best … better health, a slimmer waist line, a sense of accomplishment at having reached the goal.

Now is when we must exercise our faith and our trust that God has our best – not just our good, but our BEST – in mind as we discipline ourselves to resist temptation and to make wise choices.

Temptation to gratify ourselves exists in so many areas – the way we use our time, the entertainment we choose, and how we choose to care for our bodies.  We find self-discipline by maintaining our time in the Word and in prayer.

Will we make it through until next Monday’s weigh-in?  Stay tuned…