Last night, I began leading a group of women through Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s A 30-Day Walk With God in the Psalms.  Fifteen women showed up to learn more about the Psalms and to learn how to deepen their devotional life through studying God’s Word.

I am really looking forward to teaching this particular study because I believe that the questions asked in the workbook can help women learn how to approach any text of Scripture for themselves.

Our evangelical world of women’s ministry is often very personality-driven.  Women want to do studies written by whomever they find to be the most dynamic … or the funniest … or the best-dressed … or the loudest … without ever really considering the content.

I am more interested in seeing women grow in their walk with the Lord than in whether or not we are doing the latest and greatest study on the shelf at our local Christian bookstore.

Don’t misunderstand me – women who write Bible studies and do conferences are not necessarily a bad thing.  However, I have observed women in local churches lifting these leaders up in unhealthy ways, ways that come close to worshipping the leader rather than the Savior.

So, while we are doing a study written by a national speaker to women, I am praying that through this study the women in the group will learn to study the Word for themselves.  In a few weeks, we will do an assignment outside of the workbook, to see if we can apply the principles that we are learning.

I’m looking forward to seeing how God’s Word will move in our lives.