We’re halfway through the program!  Yippee!!

As of week five, our group has lost at total of 144 pounds.  Way to go, y’all!

We have now had a few people drop out.  We have some people who haven’t been to class in a couple of weeks.  If any of you are reading this, we miss you!

Yes, First Place is not easy.  But, yes, the results are worth the effort.  Today, my battle is with exercise.  I simply don’t want to.  I have a busy day ahead, and I don’t want to take even 20 minutes away from other things that are demanding my attention.  But when I get up from writing this entry, I’m going to make myself do it.

As someone said on Sunday at Yellow Creek, we must lead our hearts, not follow our emotions.  Even when we don’t FEEL like doing the right thing, we can CHOOSE to do the right thing.

So, here I go … choosing to exercise!