Today, I decided to dig out all of our Christmas CDs, which is no small undertaking.  Collectively, we have between 40 and 50 CDs of nothing but Christmas music.  Did I tell you that I love Christmas music?

I do have some favorites that will get more “air play” than others.  For instance, An Evening In DecemberFirst Call’s “An Evening in December” is always a favorite.

When it comes to newer Christmas music, I absolutely love Carolyn Arends’ album “An Irrational Season.”

In the section of what some might call “classics,” nothing beats hearing Anne Murray sing “O Holy Night” or Karen Carpenter sing “Silent Night.”  Can I get a shout out from all of the altos in the audience?

Here are some of the other CDs I’ll be listening to for the next six weeks:

…and many others.  So, what will be on your iPod this Christmas season?  Anybody heard any new Christmas music that I should buy?