Last night, my Bible study group finished our study of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ A 30-Day Walk With God in the Psalms.  Although it was a lot of work that came at a really busy time of year for me, I’m glad that I was able to be a part of this group.  I have heard so many testimonies from these ladies as to how God was using the Psalms to speak to them right where they are in this season of life.

One of the blessings about the way our church does small group Bible studies is that the participants vary from study to study, bringing together a wide group of ages, life stages, and experience.  We are able to spend time with people (in this case, women) who we would not normally get to know.  New friends are made, old friendships are renewed.

I am thankful for our 30-day walk (that actually took seven weeks!).  I am thankful for the diligent work that the women put into their individual study, and for the insights that they brought to class each week.

Last night was the end of our Sunday evening “discipleship training” for 2008.  Sunday nights from now until the end of the year will be taken up with special services related to the Christmas season.  But come January, we’ll be ready to dive back into our Bible studies.  If you live in Owensboro, I hope you’ll plan to join us!