This past week was SO busy!  I’ve neglected this blog, along with several other things, to take care of the urgent.  What a place to find myself … and it’s only December 8!

Isn’t that the way it is with a lot of us?  We rush around from activity to activity without a break in between, never getting to really enjoy life?  I loved everything that I did last week – the Young at Heart Christmas lunch, our women’s ministry Christmas event “Treasuring God in Our Traditions,” judging a speech tournament at the local high school, and playing the piano for a high school Christmas concert.

Whew!  It was a great week, but it was a lot to cram into a few days.  Today, my desk is piled high with unread newspapers, catalogs for Christmas gifts, coupons for Christmas gifts, thank you notes to be written, Christmas music to be rehearsed, and a children’s musical that will be performed on Sunday evening.

I am encouraging all of us to take time this month to really reflect on Jesus’ birth.  We can become so crazy with the preparations that we miss the meaning.  Finding a few minutes to ourselves may seem nearly impossible, but I believe that it can change our attitude toward this season.

What about you?  Are you crazy-busy with the parties and preparations, or have you been able to find time to enjoy the season?