Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone entered the new year in style … that is, in whatever style you like!

Of course, the big topic today is resolutions.  Have you made any?  I feel a little like Valerie Bertinelli in that Jenny Craig commercial, but we have already taken care of the eating better/getting in shape/weight loss thingy.  If you have been reading the blog this past fall, you know that Chris and I did First Place with a group at our church.  I won’t talk about how well he did (other than to say that he looks great!), but I lost about 20 pounds and two dress sizes!

This year we just need to keep it up!

I am resolving to, again, read the Bible through in a year.  This year, I am using my new ESV Study Bible.  The people who produced the ESV suggest this reading plan, which would also work with any study Bible of your choice.  Today’s reading was great.  The study helps provided are so … helpful.  I look forward to learning a lot this year through the notes.

Other than that, I don’t know that I have any hard and firm resolutions.  Yes, I want to be healthy, work hard, contribute to society, do the best I can at all that I set out to do … but those are goals for every day, not just for the beginning of the year.

What about you?  Care to share any of your resolutions?  If you don’t make resolutions, why not?