Yesterday’s mail brought the one Christmas card that I really anticipate every year … and yet I have never received it before Christmas!  Oh, well – it’s worth the wait!

We have several friends who keep up the ritual of sending an annual Christmas letter.  I do read most of them…  This letter, though, I set aside until I have time to really enjoy it.

Dr. M was my mentor in college.  I would love to be half the writer/teacher/scholar that she is.  She taught me many things about King Arthur (the subject of my honors thesis), the Middle Ages, good scholarship, the English language, and many other wonderful subjects (wonderful to me, at least!).

But she also taught me about hospitality, through the way that we were always welcome in her home; being friends with your husband, through her relationship with Michael; a love of books, through her own; and the best way to approach a big project – don’t worry about the end result, take one little piece at a time.

Dr. M’s Christmas letter this year was full of news about the presidential debate that was held at Belmont University, their garden (which sounds absolutely marvelous!), travels, and projects at work.  She and her husband do more in a year than many of us do in a decade!

I don’t get to see Dr. M nearly often enough, so I look forward to this yearly glimpse into her life.  I don’t know that I have ever thanked her for keeping us on her Christmas list – so Dr. M, if you are reading this, we thank you very much!