My blogging week was cut short last week by an unexpected winter storm that swept through Kentucky and left most of the state without electricity.  Many of our neighbors in the state will be without electricity for WEEKS.  Please pray for those who are out working to restore utility services, and pray for the safety and well-being of those who are trying to stay warm!

We were fortunate to be only three days without electricity.  With our gas grill, gas logs, and gas water heater, we were set.  Yes, we suffered through some inconveniences (like not blogging!), but that’s all they were – inconveniences.  We were never in any danger.  We had plenty of food and plenty of heat.

In a nutshell, here’s a summary of my week:

The Bad

  • Not being able to dry my hair with a hairdryer
  • No television
  • No coffee
  • Phone lines down part of the time
  • Not being able to cook
  • Not being able to meet a writing deadline, and having to call the editor to apologize (and she was very understanding!)

The Good

  • A husband who knows how to make bacon and eggs over gas logs
  • A husband who knows how to charge his laptop off of the car battery
  • A husband who knows how to play movies on his laptop (do you see a theme here?)
  • All day to read whatever book I wanted
  • Using our fireplace – a lot
  • Hot showers
  • An excuse not to do all of the chores of daily living

We had it pretty good, but unfortunately there are many people who are not doing so well.  We did not have church this morning because our building is still without electricity.  Yesterday and today are for re-organizing life, so hopefully I will be back with you tomorrow with a little bit of normal life!

So, if you have lived through Winter Storm 2009, how did you survive?