You would think, with all that extra time on my hands last week, I would have actually done something.  You know, pianos don’t take electricity to be played.  Dusting furniture can happen without power.  Things can be polished without lights.  Lots of things can be done without electricity.

But did I do any of those things last week?  Nope.  Not one.

I did read quite a bit.  The particular mystery that I chose was one that I bought some time back because it was by a well-known Kentucky author.  It actually wasn’t very good, so I won’t talk about it here, but it did pass the time – just.

And, other than actually washing the dishes BY HAND and listening to the radio for any hint that power might be restored soon, that’s about all that I did last week.

So, today is about life returning to normal.  It’s been a good day, going back to my tried-and-true routine.  I love my routine.  I would go crazy if I had to try to decide what to do every single day.  Normal is good.  Routine is good.

Life is good!