Today, I had one of those all-too-rare occasions to sit and enjoy a wonderful lunch – at Calistoga, a great new restaurant in Louisville – with a friend.  In less than four weeks, this particular friend will be moving several states away, and our opportunities to see one another will be even fewer than they are now.  She and I became friends just before I moved across the state, so our friendship didn’t have the chance to develop like it might have had we become friends sooner; nevertheless, I always look forward to any opportunity to run by the office, grab a Diet Coke, and find out what is going on in her life.

Calling her for lunch was on a whim – I did not know that she would tell me about the fabulous job offer she had just received.  That’s what God does for us from time to time – gives us those wonderful glimpses of “providence,” those special instances when we must acknowledge that only He could have orchestrated the circumstances.

Father, thank you for my friend, for the hours we shared today, and for the amazing ways You are going to use her in Your work.