One of the things I missed during our recent ice storm was my aerobics class.  No, I’m not just trying to make myself look good in your eyes – I really did miss it!

We have an interesting little group in our 8:30 am, three-times-a-week class.  Some are young moms, some are moms of teenagers, some are grandmothers.  Some are coordinated, some of us are not-so-coordinated.  Some are short, some are tall, some are thin, some are … well,  you get the gist!

Regardless of our position in life, how we look, or how fit we are, we have a great time.  And since this is not chair aerobics, there’s a whole lot of sweatin’ goin’ on by the time we finish!  I have to come home and take a shower after class just so I can be presentable to myself, much less to anyone else.

Community can be found in lots of places, and with many different kinds of people.  Aerobics is the only time during the week that I see some of these women.  Our paths would not cross anywhere else.

The reason that I first joined this class was not so that I could add more opportunities for community to my schedule.  The simple truth is that I joined the class because I am friends with the instructor.  And yet, we can find a sense of fellowship anywhere, anytime we choose – even in aerobics.

What about you?  Where have you found unexpected occasions to build a sense of community?