This morning, I read this post over at The Rabbit Room about the moments that define our lives.  So many people seem to be looking for that one “big thing” that will be their contribution to society, never realizing that it’s in the daily living that we are really leaving our legacy.

How many opportunities do we miss because we are looking for something that is grand, rather than focusing on what we have in front of us today?  Lord, grant me grace for today – just for today.

Take in these words from Russ Ramsey:

Our lives are happening now, and they only happen once.  This is it.

These are the days when the stories people will tell about me after I’m gone are being lived out.  And they stack, one upon another, to tell a bigger story in relief–one that will take many voice to tell well and true.  Some will tell more about what I withheld, others about what I gave.

I suspect we’re fools if we think there will be one moment that will define our lives.  Or one success.  Or even one failure.  I guess it is possible to have defining moments, but even still it will be the rest of our lives that will provide the context for understanding.