I almost never blog on Sundays.  When your husband is in the ministry, as mine is, Sundays are often the busiest day of the week – thus, no time for things like blogging!

However, today I have a cold.  Another cold.  It’s been one of those winters for me, and this morning the cold won.  I am sitting in my pj’s, amusing myself with the Internet, while my friends and church family gather for worship.  Sunday School is starting right now.  Worship team rehearsal is wrapping up.  The people of Yellow Creek Baptist Church are doing what they do every Sunday morning.

God created us for community, and if you are a believer in Christ, the community for which you were designed is in your local body of fellow Christians.  When we are absent from that fellowship, we suffer and our fellow members suffer.

I’m not suggesting that I need to drag myself to church, box of Puffs and all, and infect everyone around me.  But I am saying that, when not providentially hindered by illness, it is the responsibility of all Christians to be present when their local church is meeting.  And, not just present, but participating in the  body by using whatever gifts God has given each of us.

I hope that you are able to gather with your local community of believers this morning.  Rejoice in the day God has given to us, use your gifts, participate in worship, and thank Him for the blessing of His Church.