I recently saw a clip of author Elizabeth Gilbert talking about the creative process, and how so much of it seems to happen outside of the artist.  As a writer and a musician, I found encouragement in hearing that someone else might feel the same way that I do – it’s all a little fearful and messy and somewhat uncontrollable.  Gilbert’s theology is a little vague – I know that “divine genius” to be the working of God in my life.  Regardless, I believe that her words about the artist’s part in the process remain true.  My favorite quote is below, and under that you can watch the twenty-minute video.  I might need to watch it daily.

Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be daunted.  Just do your job.  Continue to show up for your piece of it, whatever that might be.  If your job is to dance, do your dance.  If the divine, cock-eyed genius assigned to your case decides to let some sort of wonderment be glimpsed for just one moment through your efforts, then ole.  And if not, do your dance anyhow.  And ole to you nonetheless … Ole to you for having the sheer human love and stubbornness to keep showing up.