Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend a Holocaust Remembrance assembly with the high school choral students with whom I work.  Several of the students were receiving awards for artwork and essays they had created for the occasion, and the chorus sang two songs – “When I Am Silent” by Joan C. Varner and “Inscription of Hope” by Z. Randall Stroope.

In their English classes, the students have been reading the book Four Perfect Pebbles by Lila Pearl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan, Lazan’s autobiography of her family’s survival during the Holocaust.  Lazan lived for nearly six and a half years as a small child in prison camps in Holland and Germany, as on the way to the death camp when the train she was on was liberated.

The school was fortunate to be able to bring Lazan to Owensboro to speak during the assembly.  She shared her memories of her years in the prison camps, and the horrors experienced by those around her.  You can read more about Marion Lazan at her Web site here.  Her entire family survived the camps, although her father died from disease a few short weeks after they were rescued.

May remembering the awfulness of the Holocaust now prevent such atrocities from ever happening again in the future.