For the past several weeks, The Rabbit Room has been sharing an Easter sermon series delivered by Russ Ramsey, pastor of Oak Hills Presbyterian Church in Overland Park, KS.  You can find the most recent in this series here.

Even during this (for many of us) very busy week, I encourage you to take half an hour to listen to this sermon about the relationship between Judas and Jesus.  Completely out of context (so you’ll have to listen to find the context!), here are a few points from the message that really spoke to me:

  1. We are all as capable as Judas of betraying Jesus.
  2. Judas seemed to be a devoted disciple, doing the same things as the others.  None of the other disciples suspected him.
  3. Jesus was gracious with Judas to the end.
  4. Proximity to Jesus alone could not save Judas.
  5. You can sit under solid teaching, you can spend time with other believers, you can participate in ministry, you can go on mission trips … and you can still be a fraud.  Being known as a Christian and loving Jesus are two different things.