Whew!  I feel like I haven’t been on here in weeks and weeks … and unfortunately that’s fairly close to the truth!  We have been completely consumed with “The Living Cross” Easter production at our church.

If anyone hears the gospel through our presentation, we consider our efforts a success.  If God was magnified and glorified, then we believe that we have fulfilled our task.

And yet, one of the great by-products of such an undertaking is the memories that are made among the members of our church – new friendships are formed, old relationships are cemented, and good times are had.  Here are some of my favorite moments.  What about you?

  1. Hearing Kim sing “He is risen as He said!”  I think he has the best part of the entire cantata – this is the good news!
  2. “Something Happens”
  3. “Arise”
  4. Judas – I love to hear Chris sing!
  5. Getting to know one of our newer church members
  6. Martha’s beard
  7. The “stone-ers” – She should’ve been stoned!
  8. Bronson as the leper – he brought me to tears during Sunday morning’s performance
  9. Candy’s solo
  10. The knowledge that we shared the gospel message with our friends, family, neighbors, and community