I realize that I have been quite sporadic with my blogging of late.  I’ve read a lot about how it’s a really good idea to have several posts written in advance so that you have things ready to go on days when you really don’t have the time or the energy to write anything new.  Unfortunately, I’ve not really bought into that idea yet…

My only excuse for not blogging lately is that, while I blog about life and our relationships and the communities that we are building, I have been too busy lately actually living those friendships to write about them.

We recently had a very tragic and traumatic death in our church family.  A family unexpectedly lost a young adult son and brother last Friday.  We have shared with them this week in their grief as they said goodbye.  We will continue to walk with them through the long, lonely days ahead.

Our investment in this family is long-term.  They will need all of us more in the coming days than they did this week.  We will not fill the void or erase the hurt, but as Sam said to Frodo, we may not be able to carry the load for them, but we can carry them.

We have other friends who are bearing their own burdens right now, and we have some friends who are rejoicing.  I have a husband who is planning to graduate with his Ph.D. on May 15!

We are busy … living, loving, learning, and sharing with those around us.

So, I haven’t had time to blog lately.  Life has been busy lately.  What about you?  In whom have you been investing your time lately?