Spring has certainly arrived in Owensboro in full force!  We are enjoying the buttercups, tulips, dogwoods, and many other signs that winter has gone for another few months.

Neighbors are coming out of hibernation to work in their yards, sunny days are putting people in good spirits, folks are waving as you pass by.  We are reacquainting ourselves with one another.

We have wedding showers in abundance – three in the span of four weeks!  These are fun times to get together with women to send another young woman down the path of wedded bliss.

Our spring concert at the high school is just under two weeks away.  We are feverishly working to perfect our music – all while the students are suffering from incredible bouts of “spring fever,” sometimes making an hour and a half class period feel like ten.

Summer is just around the corner – we are preparing for Chris’ graduation, the annual meeting of our denomination in Louisville, a mission trip to Baltimore to minister alongside our friends Lou and Sonya, Vacation Bible School, and hopefully a vacation before the season ends!

So many things to be involved with, so much to do.  Yet, we were created to take the time to greet our neighbors, enjoy the wedding showers, make a new friend, and reconnect with an old friend.

How are you spending this lovely spring day?