I have been absent from the blog for a few weeks because we have had SO MUCH of the travel and the goings-on!  Hopefully we can catch up over the next few days, now that things here are calming down a bit.

The most important “happening” of the last few weeks was definitely this…

Southern Seminary Graduation - May 15, 2009

Southern Seminary Graduation - May 15, 2009

We were so proud to celebrate the “Mister” becoming the “Doctor”!  What a moment!  When Dr. Mohler asked us following the ceremony if we would change the journey, we could honesty say that we know that God has blessed us far beyond what we deserve.

I can remember walking into Norton Hall for the first time over ten years ago as we were making our plans to move to Louisville for Chris to work on his M.Div.  During those days, the President’s Office was on the first floor, and the Dean of the School of Theology was on the second floor.

We made our way upstairs to meet with Dr. Danny Akin, and I remember thinking how dark and formal the building seemed.  (Not to mention how scary those Revelation pictures were!)

I loved Dr. Akin from the first interview with him.  I told Chris after we left, “I’d like to work for him someday.”  Who knew that I would get that chance … twice?!

Who could imagine that ten years later I would know my way around that building almost as well as I know any other place?  We had some great times there, made some great memories and wonderful friends, and learned more than we could ever imagine.

So, this marks the end of our seminary career.  Yes, we will “return to walk under the beech trees,” but we won’t return as a student and a student wife.

The Dr. and Mrs.

The Dr. and Mrs.

Those days may be past, but we look forward with anticipation to how God is going to use those experiences to impact our future!