We returned home from our mission trip to Baltimore on Friday evening … and on Monday morning we woke up to an early start with VBS at Yellow Creek Baptist Church.  Talk about insane – but what a great way to keep our focus on carrying out the Great Commission!

In a Christian culture where many things considered “traditional” are maligned, VBS holds its ground.  Vacation Bible School is still a pivotal ministry in the life of most churches – drawing children and families into the church building who might not enter it under other circumstances, and sharing the gospel and the love of Christ with them in a non-threatening way.

Our theme this year was “Wildwood Forest,” so the church was decked out in trees and greenery.  Our student minister built a huge tree for the sanctuary stage that was absolutely amazing.  I was the director for the preschool department this year, and we had a total enrollment of 54 4- and 5-year-olds!  We hovered just under 50 little people each day, and let me tell you – I took a nap a couple of those days after I got home!

Our total enrollment through sixth grade was 312 – just under our goal of 325.  But the best news – 25 boys and girls prayed to accept Christ on Thursday and Friday!

Vacation Bible School is a good time to remind ourselves that while the world does need us to take the gospel to the outer reaches, we must not do so at the neglect of those right in our own backyards who need to hear the good news of the gospel.  We need people to take the gospel to the far corners of the world.  We need people to take the gospel to places like Baltimore.  And we need people who will share the message of Jesus right here in Owensboro.