Labor Day weekend … the unofficial end of summer, the beginning of college football in the South, a time to rest from the routines of life.

We didn’t do a lot to celebrate the weekend.  We journeyed to Tennessee on Saturday, followed Vanderbilt football on Twitter that night (go ‘Dores!), went to church on Sunday, and basically did nothing on Monday.

But we rested.  We took a break from the daily routines.  We spend so much of our lives driving, talking on the telephone, sending e-mails, marking things off our to-do lists, that it’s good to take a day to just “be.”  To exist, and nothing more.  Nothing to accomplish other than to enjoy the people around us.  No important conversations, no hidden agendas, nothing to do.

It’s kind of like being a kid again.

So, here’s to the unofficial start of fall – may it be filled with colorful leaves, crisp autumn days, good food, and great friends!