This morning, I am getting ready to go to WalMart to take care of our grocery needs for the week.  Keeping a well-stocked pantry and preparing delicious (mostly) and nutritious (sometimes) meals for my family is one way of demonstrating my love to them.  Part of preparing to go to the grocery store each week is getting my coupons together.  Some may think that couponing is a waste of time, and that the time spent is not worth the return.

But the way that I see it, we all have a certain amount of resources – time, money, possessions, talents – that God has given us, and it’s up to us to manage them to the best of our abilities.  So, I clip coupons.  I also make to-do lists in order to use my time wisely.  When I am called upon to sing or play the piano, I practice.  I exercise to try to keep my physical body in the best possible condition.  Do you see the point?  In all aspects of life, we are called on to manage what we have been given.  My prayer for today is that I will follow through and use what I have for the glory of God.