Several days ago, our church lost a great servant. Our friend always looked for ways that she could serve others as well as her Lord. Our loss was great.

In the meantime, our Sunday morning corporate worship experiences have been wonderful. We have seen times of the Lord clearly working among the members of our church family.

As I think over these two events, it occurs to me that both of these subjects (servanthood and worship) are connected, and yet neither can be manufactured by us. Being a real servant of the gospel is a decision that we make with our minds, but should also be fueled by hearts that longs to please God. Any other motivation is self-seeking.

True worship also comes from a heart that longs to please God. As a member of the worship team at my church, I know that this can be a source of struggle for those who lead in worship. We plan, schedule, and rehearse, but all of our “doing” doesn’t “create” worship. Worship comes through a heart directed toward God, and we are only tools to help direct others in that way. Any other motivation is self-seeking.

As we serve and worship this week – I hope that both of us will be found doing so – let’s seriously consider our motives. If we find ourselves seeking to bring attention to ourselves, may we take a moment to repent and change our heart attitude to one that seeks to please God.