Last week I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with the Daviess County High School chorus as they prepared to attend the district festival in Madisonville, Kentucky.  I had a great time with the students and their teacher.  My week was busy, and mainly focused on this one thing, but here are a few observations I made:

  • Not all teenagers are on drugs, use foul language, and are rude to adults.  In fact, from everything I observed, these students were very respectful, well-behaved, and kind.
  • This particular group of youth are very talented.  They performed with a lot of skill on their prepared pieces, and sight-read a very difficult piece of music.
  • They care that they do well.  These kids take pride in doing a good job and meeting and exceeding expectations.
  • High school students are just plain fun!  If you want a fun afternoon, spend a few hours with some high school students.
  • School buses are not comfortable.  Especially after riding for an hour on a state highway.  Especially when you are 34 years old.

I’m glad that I don’t work everyday, because I would miss some really important time with Henry.  I did not enjoy leaving him all day on Friday.  But, I was glad for the opportunity to work with kids I would not normally get to know.

What about you?  Are you spending time with someone from a younger generation?  Regardless of your age, your are older to someone, and you have life experiences and wisdom to pass on.  Make sure that you are taking the time to do just that!