Let me start by saying that I subscribe to three magazines: Missions Mosaic (because I regularly contribute to it and because I believe in the value of missions education), Southern Living (because I am a southerner living outside the South, and I need a regular dose to keep me sane), and Real Simple (because it’s just fun to read).

The March issue of Real Simple features essays written by different people about various years in their lives.  Author Anita Diamant‘s essay about the year that she turned 38 really resonated with me as she talked about the year that her only child turned three, and she made “be here now” her mantra.  She says, “I woke up every morning with the knowledge that everything I did had meaning, down to the smallest details of breakfast, bath time, and toe kisses.”

With Henry, and with everything else that I do, I am trying to be more intentional to “be here now.”  These moments will never happen again.  Even if the event repeats itself, circumstances will never be as they are right now, and I need to enjoy each moment for what it is.

April will be a really busy month for our little household.  We have rehearsals for our church’s “Living Cross” three or more times a week.  We have doctors’ appointments, hair cuts, baby showers, and other meetings and events.

But in the middle of all of it, I want to “be here now.”  It takes practice, and it takes effort.  But enjoying each moment – taking the time to play with blocks, pausing to enjoy a good meal, listening to beautiful music – is worth the effort.