We are in the middle of a very busy month.  Our church undertakes an Easter drama that requires participation from a majority of our faithful members.  We have many talented friends at church, from instrumentalists to vocalists to actors.  Some have been professionally trained, some have not, but all have a lot to add to the performance.  Although I am somewhat biased, I would agree that we do a wonderful job with an entirely volunteer choir, cast, and crew.

Sometimes the amount of talent around me leaves me feeling like the child getting to sit at the adults’ table.

I’m thrilled to be surrounded by so many amazing people.  They challenge me to practice and improve my own abilities.  But I don’t always feel like I measure up.

So when I read this blog post by author Michael Kelley, I was challenged to view what I have to offer in a different light.  My focus should be on what Christ can do with what I have to offer, not on how I feel about what I bring to him.

Perhaps part of following Jesus is overcoming that self-consciousness. It’s in coming to Jesus with all we have, small though it may be, and giving it to Him.

See, the real issue with self-consciousness is the “self” part. We’re too busy thinking about our own weaknesses and inadequacies to consider the greatness of Jesus. Our focus is on ourselves rather than on the multiplier of fish.

I want to bring my badly colored pictures to God. My measley fish and broken bread. My weak faith and my inconstant prayer life. I want to bring them to Him because I believe that the One I’m presenting them to is bigger than my weakness. Oh, to forget myself and be lost in the grandeur of Jesus.