Each Thursday, Henry and I make a 20 or so minute trek to the Daviess County Public Library, where we join 10-15 other toddlersimage and their parents for Story time.

Henry loves  Story time.

Really, as much as a 10-month-old can look forward to something, Henry looks forward to his weekly time to sing songs, hear stories, and play with other kids his age.  I try to get to the library a few minutes early so that Henry can play with the others in the big open area before we are divided into age groups.

And, yes, it was scary the first time I let him get down and play on his own.  I didn’t want him to get hurt, and I didn’t want him to hurt anyone else!  But he does just fine, and he has a good time.  After all, these toys are “once-a-week” toys, so they are new every time.

At 10:00, after a few announcements, we make our way into a big room with colorful individual mats on the floor.  We try to get as close to the front as possible, because it’s just a little easier to pay attention when you are close to the teacher.

Mrs. Sharon  does a wonderful job – and I do mean WONDERFUL – at keeping the attention of kids under the age of two.  Each week, we sings songs, read two books, use the felt board for one story, and play with a puppet, all in the span of about 20 minutes.  Henry loves Mrs. Sharon.  She has a big smile and an infectious laugh that welcome kids and parents to the children’s area.  Even when things are a bit chaotic – which is very likely with 15 or so toddlers in the room – she keeps right on with her story, because she knows that things will eventually calm down.

I have always loved books, and I really want to pass along the love of reading to my son.  I don’t have the time for recreational reading like I once did, but as a child, teenager, and young adult, I would spend hours upon hours lost in a good book.  Even now, when I find that rare novel that takes me into another world, I struggle to put it down until I have finished.

Reading is important.  Critical thinking skills used when reading translate into all areas of our lives.  So, Henry has a little stack of board books next to his toy box that he can pull out himself.  Many times, rather than playing with blocks or balls or trucks, he is content to sit and look at his books.  This is one playtime activity that I hope will last a lifetime.