I am in the middle of a busy season of planning – planning for Vacation Bible School (I’m the director for the 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s), planning for a short family vacation, planning upcoming articles that I need to write, and planning for Henry’s 1st birthday party (my favorite activity)!  I’m a little afraid that all of the planning is taking over the actual doing and enjoying, and that’s not at all what I want for my summer.

After all, this summer holds a lot of “firsts” for Henry … first birthday, first vacation, first steps, and more!  I want to be able to enjoy every single minute, and not be so wrapped up in the planning that the details take over the joy.

So, today I’m committing to enjoy our summer.  Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and we are ready!

PS – I have an article over at www.mymissionfulfilled.com – “To Read the Recipe, First Know the Vocabulary”.