Our church has an amazing ministry to senior adults.  In fact, I would dare to say that it is one of the best of its kind in Kentucky.  Our senior adult minister, Bro. Ron Harrington, plans a wonderful program of activities that keeps this group busy and active.  As I type this, he has taken some on a mission trip to South Dakota!

Last week, my husband had the privilege of sharing the devotion, for the second year in a row, at the Young at Heart’s (the name for our senior adult ministry) annual “Breakfast in the Park.”  Let me tell you – these people know how to put on a breakfast!  Sausage, bacon, country ham, biscuits, eggs, gravy, and all kinds of jellies and jams … yum, yum!

But, even better than the food is the fellowship that we are able to share with these wonderful men and women.  They always thank us for joining in their activities, but we want to thank them for allowing us the honor.  We have so much that we can learn from them, including how to slow down, sit back, and have a real conversation with someone.  In our fast-paced, smart-phone, iPad-driven world, we often do not make time to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Henry loves to be with these Young at Heart folks, too.  While his Daddy spoke, one of our sweet ladies rocked Henry to sleep in her lap.  We appreciate their willingness to put up with having a baby in the group, and we know that he is learning a lot from their examples.

We are thankful to be in a church that values people of all ages.  Now, just tell me when the next breakfast will be, and we’ll be there!