I know I’ve mentioned this before (every week), but we are busy this summer.  I won’t revisit all of the things that are keeping us busy, but let’s just say I had 13 things on my to-do list yesterday, and I’ve got 11 there today (including writing this post – check!).  So, as much as this may foster my type-A personality, we have to be intentional about our fun around here.

Henry’s kiddie pool has been a great help.  If we go to the trouble of filling it up each morning, then I want to make sure that our effort and water aren’t wasted, and we’ll get outside in it at least once, if not twice every day.  I’ve signed Henry up for the summer reading program through the Daviess County Public Library, which helps me plan time to read to him.  We go to Story time on Thursday mornings.  We’ve gotten a babysitter, and I’m taking Chris out to a nice dinner for his birthday tomorrow night (happy birthday, sweetheart!).

I’m also trying to be intentional to make more time for my friends.  Every woman I know in her mid-30s is busy.  We are busy with families, careers, and churches.  Summer – that time of year that kids so look forward to – has become a season of greater busyness for myself and most of my friends.

So, let’s try to reconnect with someone this summer.  Give someone a call you haven’t talked with in a while.  Plan a lunch, even schedule a phone call.  Many of my friends and I have had “lunch” in different states and even different time zones just by scheduling a phone conversation.  However you need to do it, make time to connect with someone today.

After all, as “un-fun” as “intentional fun” sounds, it’s better than no fun at all!