The most recent issue of World Magazine was the 2011 Books Issue, a favorite look at new books, old books, and why we should be reading them.  One particular article by Mindy Belz caught my attention, titled “The Still Point of a Turning World.”  In this article, she makes the case for reading, and looks at some of the reasons that those of us who call ourselves “readers” and who make our living from words may not be reading as much or as thoughtfully as in the past.

The more time we spend on the web to get our jobs, our shopping, our bill-paying, our very lives done, the more incapable we become at concentrating.  We may grow better at multitasking, but we become less creative.  We can become instant experts, but that knowledge is momentary … Read to deepen your understanding, not simply improve your velocity of thought.  Read to resist temptation and avoid sin … There may be a place for jumping hyperlink to hyperlink, but there’s also a time for reading with intent and focus.  You don’t have to have a stack; only two books will do.