The past couple of weeks have been busy with celebrations around here.  We celebrated Father’s Day, Chris’ birthday, and Henry’s birthday – all in the span of two weeks!  Needless to say, Henry’s was probably the biggest of the celebrations (sorry Chris!), and took a lot of work on everyone’s part.  But, we had a wonderful party with our family and a few close friends, got some great pictures and made some good memories.

We actually took the day off on the Fourth of July.  We didn’t go anywhere, do much in the way of celebrating, and certainly didn’t cook anything.  It was a good day of rest.

So, in the spirit of being busy and having time to rest, I’m going to need to take a little break from blogging until August.  I know – you’re probably thinking, “She only blogs once a week!”  Yes, that’s true.  But, our church’s Vacation Bible School, a couple of writing deadlines, and Chris’ mission trip to Cleveland with our college students, need to move to first place right now.  We are more than a little busy!

So, with that said … I’ll see you in August!