On Sunday, I took Henry and my parents to my great-nephew’s first birthday party.  Yes, I said GREAT-nephew, although there is no way that I am old enough to be a great-aunt!  My beautiful niece now has a beautiful little boy, and we were  so very thankful to be able to help celebrate his special day.

Traveling with a 14 1/2-month-old is an adventure – what to take, how much to take, etc. – but Henry does very well, and I certainly learn more each time we go on a long-ish trip.  We made the almost two-hour drive to my parents’ house, ate Burger King that we had picked up for lunch, and then drove the next hour to the party.  It was a perfect afternoon – nice weather, good cake, lots of family, and a cute and well-mannered birthday boy!

We watched them open presents, ate some cake and ice cream (Henry’s fav), he played with some balloons and took his Grandpa Joe on several tours up and down the hallway at the center where the party was held, and then we made our way back to Orlinda.  We stopped and got KFC for supper, rounding out a perfectly not-healthy day of eating.

I’m so glad that Henry has a cousin close to his age, even if they only get to see each other every few months.  I have one particular cousin who is a couple of months younger than I am, who I loved to see during the holidays and over the summer, and I hope that he is able to make similar memories with his cousin.

Even though the drive was long, I’m so glad that we got to go.  Making memories and celebrating milestones are what family gatherings are about!