On Twitter/Facebook yesterday, I re-tweeted this quote from Nancy Leigh DeMoss: If we are not content with what we have, we will never be content with what we think we want.


As expected, I didn’t get a lot of “likes” from that post.

How often do I fall into the trap of just knowing that the grass must be greener in someone else’s yard?  It must be – she’s smarter, prettier, more successful, a better writer, musician, and on and on…!  Yet, God has called me to this life – the one that I lead today.  He has used my past to prepare me for service in this place, not in someone else’s.  But I still feel the pull to be discontent.

I’m not talking about not being content with our walk with God.  Until we reach Heaven, we will always long for something more.  Believers in Christ are not at home in this world, and we will always long for the “more” that awaits us when we finally see the Lord face to face.  We are always striving to be more obedient, more holy, more loving – and this is a good striving, a productive longing as we progress in our sanctification.

But in our worldly natures, a lack of contentment abounds.  It causes all sorts of problems.  Marriages fail because one spouse believes that he or she will find more with someone else.  We fail to serve those around us because we believe that they owe us something.  We do not serve in our churches because we want a better church with a better pastor and more faithful church members.  We don’t love our families as we should because we believe that other families have it better.

Not being content is born from selfish motives – I want something other than what God has given me.  Contentment is born out of obedience and submission to God’s plan for my life.

As the quote above says, we will never find contentment if we cannot be content where God has called us for today.  Being discontent becomes a way of life, selfishly wanting my own way at all costs.  Finding contentment can also become a way of life, if I make the decision each day that I will do what God has called me to do today where He has placed me.