When we went on vacation this year (a mini-vacation over a weekend, and then a week-long trip to our annual denominational meeting), we visited with lots of friends along the way.  All of these friends now live in different cities, doing many wonderful and exciting things.  Some of them are in ministry; some are not.  However, one thing stood out in all of our conversations.  I realized that I have allowed the apathy of others – the “we’ve never done it that way before,” “it will never work.” “someone else will do it, they don’t want me anyway” – to take over my own thinking.

June has been a very convicting month.  I’m not exactly sure how I got to this place (although I have my theories), but I don’t want to stay here.  I want to be excited about what God is doing in my life, in my family, and in my church.  I want others to see that I am excited, and that I want to be ministry- and missions-minded.

As I have started to pray about this, I feel a new sense of anticipation about what God has for the future – something I’ve not felt in a while.  I don’t know what God has planned for us, but I believe that He is pruning us now in preparation for what is to come.  The past year has been colored by losses – the loss of my mother, the loss of certain friendships, the loss of some dreams.  The pruning hurts, but I have faith the Gardener uses His shears so we can start to grow again.

I need to remind myself of this often, particularly on days like today that are marked by spilled coffee, aches and pains, and bad attitudes.  God has something in mind for us.  We’ll wait on Him, and continue to be pruned.