This is my first attempt at a “Five Minute Friday“!  If this is your first visit to my blog, I hope you enjoy … and please excuse any mistakes as we are not allowed time to edit!

Welcoming is what we should be as the Body and Bride of Christ.  We welcome a lost world with open arms.

Welcome into our building – we want you here.

Welcome into our services and programs – you are valued.

Welcome into our lives – we want you to be a part of our days.

Welcome into the Body – we want you to know the Savior.

How do we welcome others in?  How do we leave the doors open, and not only leave them open, but tear down the doors, windows, and walls so that “they” do not have to come to “us,” but we are all just living our lives together, out in the open?

This is what Jesus did.  He went to the community, drawing others to Himself.  If we are “little Christs,” we must learn to do the same.

Welcome others, and not just those who think, dress, talk, and act like us.

We extend grace, love sacrificially, lay down our own preferences.

Welcome.  We are so glad you came.