I am so fortunate to be allowed the opportunity to participate with the worship team at our church.  I am not the best musician or singer on the roster – far from it.  More often than not, I feel like the little kid who has been allowed to go to the big kids’ party.  We have an amazing group of musicians and singers who add to our worship services each week – not just by the joyful sounds that they make, but also by the generous spirits they bring with them.

If you serve in any aspect of your church’s music ministry – thank you.  Thank you for the time that you spend each week practicing on your own, and then rehearsing with the group.  Thank you for continuing to improve your craft.  Thank you for putting up with constant change, learning old songs and new, and standing in the background while the worship pastor gets all of the attention.  Whether you play the pipe organ, drums, kazoo, or use your voice as your instrument, our worship services would be so much less without your particular set of talents and abilities.  Each of you matters.

To any non-musicians still reading along – thank you for being in our congregations each week.  We hope that you will sing along with us, regardless of how good/bad you think your voice is.  Nothing is more disheartening to us than looking out at a room full of people who do not look happy to be there and who are not participating with us.

We understand that the style we are using may not fit your preferences, but we hope that you will appreciate our work and what we bring to the table each week, laying aside preferences for the good of the whole Body.

Please remember that while some church musicians may receive a small stipend, most are volunteers who do not get paid.  They are freely giving their time and energy in service to the Lord.  Too often, the only comments we hear after a service are about how the bass was too loud, the drummer off rhythm, or the tenor off pitch.  We usually know when things did not go well.  We would love to hear when you find a song meaningful, or how you enjoyed some aspect of the service.

And, please, please remember that the music is not just a warm-up to the sermon.  King David, a man after God’s own heart, was also a musician.  Music and song were his expressions of worship to a mighty God, and they are for us too.

Church musician, regardless of your roll, I appreciate you, your talent, and your investment in the Kingdom.