The butterflies began when we started sharing our dream.  A dream that seems so small and insignificant, and yet so God-sized all at the same time.  The dream of becoming a people who think more of those outside of our walls than of those inside.  What would people say?  Would anyone else want to join our crazy plan, or would we be all on our own?

And then we spoke.  We shared the dream.  And some responded, wanted to be included, used.  Others shared their own dreams, adding to our own.  The dreams became bigger, wilder, more beautiful than we imagined.  Friends from other states have sent messages saying they are praying for us, and would join us if they could.

(And, you?  Do you want to join in our dream?  There is a place waiting just for you.)

Our amazingly talented friend Jason has designed a beautiful postcard of information to be handed out.  Our student ministry has jumped on board, creating their own crazy-beautiful plan.  Pieces are beginning to fall into place.

And soon – the butterflies will begin again.  We will prayer walk, asking God to provide the harvest, and we will distribute the postcards, inviting the people in.

But will they come?

Will they understand we are doing this out of love for the Christ-child this Christmas?  Will they know that we expect nothing in return?  Even friendship must be earned.

We don’t know.  We only know that if we do not act, we are disobeying the call of God on our lives.  We are all where we are “for such a time as this.”  We must all follow where He leads – even if no one else does.

The revolution to live and think differently has begun.  Could God use us to change our city?  Maybe.  But I think He wants to start by changing us.