When grace delivers you, then action defines you.  When grace takes you in right where you are, then you act out your gratitude wherever you are.  365 days of the year … Thanksgiving is action de grace in French – and after Thanksgiving comes Christmas and after grace comes action, and we don’t occasionally give thanks to feel good but we live thanks to routinely do good. ~Ann Voskamp

I love this quote.  It really resonates with my heart and ministry right now.  My family has been given so many blessings.  Although we have had our share of difficulties – especially over the last year or so – and we do not have a “perfect” life, and we long for many things … we have been given grace.

My husband defines grace as “getting what you don’t deserve.”  I don’t deserve my salvation in Christ.  I don’t deserve my wonderful husband and son.  I don’t deserve supportive extended family.  I don’t deserve the material blessings we have.  I don’t deserve to have you reading these poorly constructed sentences.  I don’t deserve anything that I have.

But Grace has given me much.  And as thanks, I must give that grace to others who do not deserve it.

We do not minister to grow our church.

We do not share our possessions to build ourselves up.

We do not sacrifice in exchange for gratitude.

We do not work to gain recognition for ourselves.

We minister, share, sacrifice, work – give Grace – because it has been freely given to us.