We are ten days (well, actually less than) away from our ministry event in Colony Estates.  Sunday morning, my husband spoke about Jesus and the disciples and feeding the five thousand plus some.  How Jesus told the 12 men who followed Him. “You feed them.”  He didn’t send them to someone else or give them the freedom to pass off the responsibility – He had fed the people spiritually, now it was time for the disciples to feed them physically.

And my brave husband told our gathered congregation that it is our responsibility to feed people, both the Living Bread and bread made of wheat.

A great challenge.  A great responsibility.  A great command.

People were asked to sign up and help with our ministry to the people who live in Colony.

Out of nearly 500 people in attendance, five people signed up.

We were slightly disheartened (sarcasm).

My friend Jill kept repeating, “We’ll be okay.”

A prayer walk and flyer distribution were planned for Sunday afternoon.  The rain pushed through during the morning, and the weather was unseasonably warm.  I would be at home with a napping two-year-old.  I asked Chris to text me with how many showed up.  After the letdown of the morning, I hoped for 15-20 people.

Nearly 50 youth and adults came to help.

By the time I left church on Sunday evening, over 30 people had signed up for specific areas of service, with more who said they would do whatever was needed.

Men and women of all ages are calling, emailing, joining in a crazy adventure to reach this community a half mile from our church.

I have heard God-stories from the prayer walk, of people looking for churches and others who needed someone to pray with them.

The harvest is ripe.  Ripe.  Please join us, pray with us, pray for us?

(Next week, we will be using a prayer guide.  If you would pray for us as we prepare the last details, please check back here starting on Sunday.)